In becoming a real estate developer, many start small with homes or a stand-alone store. They may even start out with a small building. This is not the case with Dan Bellows. As a real estate developer, Dan Bellows saw the need for not another strip mall, but the need to redevelop a town. This was a huge project to undertake because you are not only building one structure but many. Some buildings only needed to be refurbished. Aside from the structures, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and cable were other considerations on a large scale. Dan took on the challenge because he wanted to restore the beauty of Winter Park, Florida. 


Mr. Bellows began his career in real estate development with the redevelopment of Winter Park, a small town 7.3 miles north of Orlando. Growing up in the area, Dan knew what Winter Park could become. He wanted to help families to be able to take pride in the town once again. With his company Sydgan Corporation, Dan Bellows rebuilt Winter Park practically from the ground up. There were some who didn’t share his vision, but they were pleased when the project was finished. Along with providing new housing, the rejuvenated town generated new revenue and jobs. The development of the west side of Winter Park included Hannibal Square and The Chapel and Cellar. Ravaudage is another project that added life to Winter Park. It is a highly-desirable, 73-acre retail, office, and multi-family development.


Another key concept of Winter Park is preservation. Historic The Chapel and Cellar in Hannibal Square is proof of this. There is also the Hannibal Square Heritage Center and its vast collection of photographs and oral histories dedicated to the African-American community of West Winter Park. Dan Bellows understands the importance of preserving the past, as it can help provide direction for future generations. Bellows strives to help the current generation to appreciate Winter Park through Traditional Neighborhoods, Inc.(TNI). Dan Bellows and TNI are committed to enriching Hannibal Square in the heart of Winter Park by replacing substandard housing, and by making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children and youth in a way that encourages age, race, and economic diversity. This belief is supported through contributions and by the future development and lease of houses and apartments. 


Dan Bellows has over 30 years of experience in real estate development. Winter Park is just one example of his commitment to the concept of community. He is also known for high-quality mixed-use, residential, and office developments for lease through Sydgan. Dan plans to develop more communities in Florida where people are excited to live, work and play.