The entire concept of fintech is taking the world of finance and related industries, such as the real estate sector, by storm. In the real estate industry, capital is highly essential in helping facilitate the actualization of investors’ dreams. Financial institutions have increasingly adopted fintech as one of the strategies of streamlining service provision to customers in the real estate industry. The emergence of collaboration between the two sectors is expected to disrupt the real estate industry in positive ways.


Faster financial services

One of the biggest ideas behind fintech was to establish faster financial services for customers. The emergence of technology and its incorporation in financial institutions enables banks to provide customers with better financial services where necessary. Customers applying for real estate capital from financial institutions can do so remotely without having to go through the traditional model of banking, which was otherwise time-consuming and sluggish.


Better financial planning

Thanks to fintech, financial institutions can provide services beyond the required capital to customers. Businesses in the financial sector have invested in the provision of personalized financial services with a special emphasis on ensuring that the capital is well utilized. Financial planning enables real estate investors to use the capital availed by banks resourcefully.


Helping with real estate marketing

In the real estate industry, marketing is a crucial pillar. Thanks to various fintech solutions that have been unveiled in the market today, real estate developers can readily market their properties and achieve faster sales. Fintech solutions that are integrated with the real estate market data enable customers to visualize upcoming properties. They also get the additional necessary information, such as the relevant financial investment data on how to acquire the properties. To property owners, this is a major boost as properties can be sold within a short time.


Fuelling growth in the industry

The availability of fintech solutions in the real estate industry is sparking a new wave of optimism in both the financial sector as well as the real estate sector. The easing of operations has inspired venture capitalists to get more interested in investing. It has also significantly reduced the cost of capital while diversifying the demand and volume of capital that real estate investors can apply for. For instance, with the traditional financial way, real estate developers were limited in terms of the amount of capital they could apply. However, with competition enhanced by the fintech solutions, financial institutions can now avail capital that surpasses the limits that were imposed before.